What to Look for in the Right Assisted Living Center

Placing a senior loved one into an assisted living center can be a difficult decision. Many elderly individuals don’t like to leave their homes, but in the long run, it can be a good choice all around.

Finding the right assisted living center is easy when you know what kind of services and amenities should be available for the senior in your life.


You want your loved one to feel comfortable in their new environment by allowing them to enjoy the same things they once enjoyed in their own homes. This can include bringing the belongings that mean the most to them, but finding out what is available for them through the assisted living center as well. Allowing your loved ones the freedom to enjoy their own kitchenettes, control the climate in their suites, as well as not having to worry about paying for heat or electricity. These amenities will make it easy for any senior to get comfortable in their new surroundings.

The Right Activities

Nobody wants to be cooped up in their room all day long, as seniors still like to spend time outside of the home when able. Finding a facility that offers activities for seniors, including a fitness center, dining room to eat and socialize with other elderly individuals, as well as a landscaped outside area. These activities will help each resident get to know each other while still keeping them in an area where they will be cared for and looked after by the caregivers for assisted living.

Assisted living centers should help seniors get used to the idea that they can still be independent, while providing you with a chance to know that when you’re not available, someone is always nearby for help.

Finding the Perfect Boat

When it comes to boats, there are so many different types to choose from: fishing, pontoon, speed, and more. With so many choices, how can buyers decide which boat is the ideal for themselves and their families? Making a decision about purchasing a boat is no laughing matter, as the price of a new boat depreciates the instant it is purchased and the new boat has now becomes a used one. Plus, many times people buy one type of boat, when a few months later they find themselves desiring another type of watercraft. Why not skip the hassle of new boat buying, dealing with depreciation, and the possible uncertainty if the boat you purchased today will be the same boat you will need tomorrow?  Shopping for used boats is the ideal way to make boat ownership easier and more affordable.

Even better, if you’d like a pontoon boat for the family cruises and a fishing boat for a day out with friends, the money saved by purchasing used instead of new can be applied towards the cost of your second boat. Plus, life is always changing. Should your circle of friends or family size increase or decrease, moving up or down a size in boats, will be easier and you will have already established a relationship with a quality used boat dealer.

The choice ultimately comes down to buyer preferences, but with deals this good, it just makes sense to get the best deal for your dollar buy shopping for pre-owned watercraft.

Why Celebrities Travel to Drug Rehabs in Thailand

Thailand has always been called the land of smiles. The warm hospitality of its native, its culture, food, pristine beaches and historical sites propelled the country into a top international tourist destination.  Recently, medical tourism has become a booming industry. Foreigners from across the globe are setting up appointments and consultations for medical, dental and aesthetic procedures in first rate hospitals in Thailand. It seems like the high exchange rates of western money make these procedures very cheap in comparison with charges in countries like the United States, the UK and Australia.

Thailand continues to reinvent itself as it gives foreigners more reasons to troop to its shores.  Drug rehabs in Thailand are thriving. Yes, rehab tourism is the newest occurrence in the Land of Smiles.  It seems like the tropical paradise that is Thailand is an excellent place to get “clean”, more so for celebrities.

Why Go to Thailand?



In 2014, more than 2.5 million foreigners went to Thailand for medical, dental and cosmetic procedures. Of this number, about 1,300 entered rehabilitation centers for drug, alcohol and process addiction treatment.  The bulk of substance abusers seeking detoxification and rehabilitation come from the United States, Australia and the UK.  Statistics indicate that “ice” addiction is number one today and Australia tops the list in the number of recreational drug users.

There seems to be a long waiting list to get in credible and first rate drug rehab centers in other countries. In most instances addicts are treated together with medical and psychiatric patients and this simply will not work.  Drug rehab centers in Thailand offer a different kind of detoxification, rehabilitation and recovery programs that is why even celebrities go to Thailand for treatment.

Pros of Drug Rehabs in Thailand

In western countries, traditional detox and rehab clinics are often basic and sterile.  In Thailand, drug rehab centers offer something different. There is no denying the efficacy of drug rehab programs adapted by detox and rehab centers in Thailand. Though there are variations in the method of approach and treatment, the general course of a 28-day detox and treatment program followed by months of rehabilitation in sober houses is fundamental.

Celebrities, businessmen, pilots, doctors, politicians, professional athletes and other high-profile personalities are opting for rehab centers in Thailand due because they also prefer:

Great Luxury and Comfort – Thailand offers luxurious, exclusive and world-class treatment facilities. These are designed for clients who are accustomed to high-end living and therefore prefer luxurious and comfortable setting during treatment.  These private, deluxe rehab centers normally have all the amenities of a resort and a first rate rehabilitation center. It is possible to request the services of massage therapists, estheticians, nail therapists, personal assistants, personal trainers and more. Meals are planned and prepared by gourmet chefs. Access to swimming pools, gyms and sports centers within the rehab’s vicinity is allowed.

Discretion and Anonymity– Celebrities, high profile personalities and those with sensitive occupations would want utmost secrecy pertaining to their drug rehabilitation. In Thailand, discretion is strictly observed and anonymity is assured. Being in a place that is thousands of miles away from a patient’s normal environment tends to break the seemingly unending loop of being in the same place, doing the same thing, interacting with the same people, and coping with the same situation that could trigger drug use.

In most cases, patients in rehab centers in Thailand tell friends and colleague that they are just on a ‘break’ and vacationing in some tropical paradise. No one outside the family has to know that they are undergoing drug addiction rehabilitation. Even their photos posted on social media sites would attest that indeed they are on a vacation break.

There are now a number of high profile personalities and celebrities from the entertainment world who opted to go to Thailand for their substance abuse rehabilitation; but the rest of the world hardly knows about it. Discretion is highly practiced by rehab centers in Thailand.

McCallum Theater Soars With a Proven Formula

The local McCallum Theater has been enjoying one of its best seasons of all time, and they are doing so by sticking to a winning formula: regularly bringing back favorite performers from the past five years.

Its 2015-16 season will include many favorites that sold out the theater before:

  • Trumpeter Chris Botti
  • Keyboard Conversations with Jeffrey Siegel
  • A tribute to Glenn Miller – big band legend
  • The Ten Tenors
  • Rita Rudner
  • Michael Feinstein
  • Lily Tomlin

The McCallum Theatre has for many years had one of the best attendance records in the first quarter for all theaters surveyed by Pollstar, an industry watchdog. In fact, Pollstar ranked this theater as the most-attended in all of California in 2014. It also was the 5th-best attended venue in the US.

McCallum President and CEO Mitch Gershenfeld says that the stronger local economy and more people moving into the Coachella Valley are big reasons for the strongly attended shows. He also believes that the excellent customer service at the theater helps to bring in repeat customers.

Gershenfeld also books plenty of new acts, as he keeps his finger on the pulse of national trends. Upcoming new performers include Spanish language acts, country, rock and R&B.