Get a High Visibility Jacket For Personal Safety

Every year there are always news related stories in which pedestrians were accidentally hit by drivers who did not seem them until it was too late to change course. These incidents can be truly devastating depending on the severity but there are ways to reduce these occurrences. One of these is making use of a high visibility jacket as these make the wearers visible even late at night.

You have probably seen one of these around as these types of safety clothing are typically worn by police officers, construction workers and even firefighters. The reason is fairly obvious as these are exactly the types of individuals that you want to be able to spot. If there should be any type of emergency, then knowing who these authority figures are is crucial so they can help you.

With that said, you can actually purchase a high visibility jacket for yourself but keep in mind that they can easily exceed well over a hundred dollars depending on the brand. However, these are extremely beneficial for personal safety as the last thing you would want is for a car to unintentionally hit you. These are also useful for motorcycle riders as well when being seen can make all the difference.

If you expect to be outdoors during the evening a lot like if you are planning on jogging through your neighborhood, then you definitely must purchase one of these pieces of clothing. The reason should be fairly obvious as you want other drivers to see you. Just wearing one of these reflective jackets can really save a lot of lives each year so be sure to get one for yourself.

Personal Safety in a Parking Garage

Have you noticed that the newer shopping malls now have parking garages instead of parking lots? That’s because land is becoming scarce and costs a fortune to buy. So when a mall is built, a parking garage makes perfect sense because you can park more cars in less space.

However, there is a problem involved with a parking garage. The problem is personal safety, especially at night. We have a Whole Foods store in the Dallas area and they decided to put in 4 story parking garage. This is an excellent way to ensure that there is plenty of parking for their customers. But a woman alone, who has parked in a parking spot most far away from the store, can feel unsafe when it’s dark and the parking garage is partially deserted.

Things to Look For When You Enter a Parking Garage

Is the area well lit?
Are there shrubs, concrete pillars, or greenery that could possibly make it easy for someone to hide behind?
Is it necessary to park far enough away that no one could hear a cry for help?
In a nutshell, you need to feel comfortable. If you find yourself feeling like you are not safe, pay attention to it, don’t ignore it.

Safety Precaution After You Park

Pay attention to what’s going on around you. That’s especially important for senior citizens. I know because I am older and get easily distracted and I don’t focus on things the way I should.
Always lock your car doors before going into the store. It’s better if you have a car keyless entry system where you can lock and unlock your card door from the inside or outside.
If at all possible, ask for assistance to get your groceries to the car. Even if you are young and perfectly able to do this it’s best if you have help, especially at night.
If you do have to go to your car alone, try not to have too many bags or sacks of groceries.
Choose shoes that won’t come off easily. A good choice would be shoes that you are able to run in easily and safely.
Plan so that you will be shopping during the daytime. Or take a friend with you.
When you get near your car, look at the cars that are parked beside you. Be especially aware of what type of cars they are. Remember a Van has a sliding door and provides an excellent opportunity for abduction or kidnapping. If you find you are parked by a Van, get in your car on the passenger side and move over to the driver’s seat.
Before you get in your car, look in the front and back seats to make sure there is no one hiding. If you suspect that there is someone in your car, use your car alarm or a personal alarm to draw attention to you so that people around you knows there is a problem.
The minute you get in your car, don’t fumble in your purse or fasten your seat belt, lock your car doors immediately with your keyless entry system if you have one. Then tend to the other things.
These are common sense precautions to take when you have to park in a parking garage. There’s one more thing that can make you feel safe. Consider the Personal Alarm I mentioned or carry Pepper Spray. These are effective, non lethal and very affordable. If all else fails, you have Pepper Spray available to stop an attacker. Or a Personal Alarm to attract attention so that a potential assault or theft is nipped in the bud. Take your personal safety seriously, no matter where you are.

Don’t be a Victim!

Lawanna Bean is passionate about marketing products that will help people stay safe. The products she found are top quality and competitively priced. A canister of mace or Pepper Spray costs under $10.00. Personal safety for you and your family should be your No. 1 priority. Don’t be a Victim!

Personal Safety Awareness Month – What Does It Mean to You?

With the economy at an all time low, crime is a reality everywhere in America.

Crime is not just in big cities, it is in small towns and even in rural communities. Assaults, robberies, rapes and car jackings, these are not pleasant thoughts but they are a reality today.

It’s obvious there is a need for people, just like you and I, to begin protecting ourselves and our families against these criminal acts of violence.

Safety is always on people’s minds but most people are “under-protected” and admit that “they ought to…” but never get around to it.

Emergencies can occur anywhere, and preparedness matters. There’s no one you meet who can’t use a personal safety or surveillance product.

Parents, homeowners, college students, teachers and hunters just to name a few and the list can go on and on. Use the products as fundraisers, raffles or customer give-aways.

Get the gift that you hope nobody has to use, but if you do find yourself or a loved one in a situation, be prepared and decrease the crime rate in America.

Take the time NOW, browse through our products. Don’t wait or you too will be saying, “if only…”, “I should have…”, “why didn’t I…”

Do not let yourself become another statistic, protect yourself or a loved one. Personal safety products are becoming a must have for college students everywhere. Students need to start protecting themselves when they are far away from home and family.

Are Personal Safety Firms a Great Strategy for Houses and Companies?

You will find numerous methods in which a home or company can revamp or overhaul its security protocols. One of these techniques is by availing itself from the services of a personal safety service. Private security was once some thing that was reserved for larger businesses or the fabulously rich. Each of which numerous of us are not. Today, nevertheless, personal safety has a completely various which means than it has had in days past.

A personal safety agency for most homes and businesses is just a service that monitors and responds to reports of problems instead of live guards who actually keep track of and safe the house onsite. Most personal security companies have employees in a centralized place that keep track of video cameras, alarm methods, and mixtures of the two from a centralized location and reply to emergencies and potential issues in accordance to the protocols integrated in the services agreement drawn up and the specs and desires of the house and/or business proprietor in any given situation.

These private safety firms often keep track of several houses and alarm methods simultaneously so the level of care and monitoring isn’t as dedicated as it might be with onsite security employees however the costs involved, because you are basically sharing the services with other homes and businesses is greatly decreased more than what you would pay for personal onsite security. There are many variations in these two kinds of safety that ought to be pointed out.

Onsite private safety companies actually safe the house. They insure that everything is good and tightly locked up and secure from trespass and invasion. They will monitor who enters and leaves the property and in some states might even carry arms while performing their duties to be able to insure an additional layer of safety. Whenever you hire an onsite security services you possess the ultimate say so in who’s employed by you and are fully aware of any criminal previous (as you would most likely perform a complete background check) they may have. You’ll spend more for this type of services but relying around the needs of your family or company, which is often a price nicely value paying, particularly if you feel your business or family is at risk for some unknown cause.