Why You Need the Right Safety Gear at Work – Items You Must Have

Some people think that bad things can never happen to them. However, you should not gamble with life every day at work. Find out the top reasons why you need the right safety gear at work. Learn how each protective item can help you.

Safety glasses protect your eyes and vision from chemicals and small debris flying at high speed. You cannot work without good vision. This is applicable to every profession you can think of. Can you imagine your life with impaired vision? Even minor eye injuries can lead to huge changes in your life. You may not be able to light heavy weights and take medication when you are ill. Given all this, why not wear safety glasses?

Helmets protect workers from head and brain injuries. These are essential items for work safety. Without them, you risk injuries that can leave you permanently physically disabled and mentally debilitated. Now high quality helmets from top brands are lighter, more breathable and more comfortable to wear than even before.

Safety gloves protect your hands from painful scaring, tissue damage and injuries. You know that you may even lose a finger at work. Reduce all of these risks by putting safety gloves on. The right safety gear of this type does not obstruct your hands’ movement in any way. Your hands will feel comfortable inside the gloves, if they are made from a soft and breathable material. Just make sure you choose the right size to get a perfect fit.

Safety High Visibility vests protect you when you work in areas with limited ambient or artificial light. These protect you from being accidentally hit by heavy machines. By wearing a Hi Vis vest, you decrease your risk of getting injured and permanently disabled. You lower the risk of dying as well. Now you can put on not only Hi Vis vest, but Hi Vis shirts and raincoats too.

Safety boots protect your feet from moisture and injuries. They protect you from slipping and injuring your limbs, back and head. They allow your feet to stay warm and dry, so you can stay protected from cold and flu and their complications, such as lung infections. This certainly does not seem far-fetched for you, if you work in a cold and humid environment. Apart from offering excellent protection, the right safety boots can give you great comfort as well.

Now you know why you need high quality safety gear at work.

How Important Are Safety Surfaces for Playgrounds?

It goes without saying that the school or nursery playground is a well-known area where children can slip, trip and fall and where serious injury can occur. As schools and nurseries become more health and safety conscious the requirement for safety surfacing is on the increase and this can dramatically reduce the number of injuries caused by a child falling onto a harder surface.

Is There a Legal Requirement for Safety Surfacing?

Believe it or not there is actually no legal requirement for schools or nurseries to use this surface as part of their playgrounds although it is highly recommended by a number of highly authoritative safety organisations.

In 1993 The Department of Culture, Media and Sport advised its use in their Playground Safety Guidelines and highlighted it as one of the main features of a safe playground. Unfortunately today we are part of a claims culture and the number of claims made following playground accidents is on the increase but courts will recognise where safety surfacing has been installed and thus award any compensation more appropriately.

You should always ensure that any safety surface installation team is CRB checked which offers schools and nurseries real peace of mind whilst the project is underway.

Wet pour safety surfaces are fantastic for use in playgrounds, nurseries and schools and it helps to give children a safe playground facility which children can learn, develop and grown.

Colourful, amazing designs can be made in the wet pour which can help children learn numbers, letters or other learning aspects according to their age and development level.

It is exceptionally convenient for schools to have safety surfacing installed in the six weeks holiday and this would give the children something nice to come back to. When it comes down to nurseries who do not have six weeks holidays then rest assured as installation teams can carry out the installation without to much disruption to daily nursery life.

When installing the surface you need to ensure the company you select will adhere to strict health and safety guidelines. Wet pour surfacing comes in a full range of colours and you have the ability to create fantastic designs in different shapes, logo and fun graphics to help provide further stimulation for the children.

What is safety surfacing made up from?

The surface is a rubber system which features double layers; the porous surface is made up of a base layer which is SBR rubber and then a layer of EPDM on top which then creates the streamlined soft surface.

Definitely worth the investment when safety is at risk, who said safety had to be dull and boring when you have wet pour available in a wide range of colours and you can create fantastic designs!

Five Online Safety Tips for Business

Today is “Safer Internet Day” when campaigners try to get us more focused on making the Internet a safer place. Much of the debate is about children and how parents can make sure their youngsters can use the web safely. Every year, though, it transpires that most parents fail to take any kind of protection for their children. The reason this happens is simple. Parents don’t know much about Internet safety, so how can they protect their loved ones?

Look at it like this. When a child asks to go out to the park on their own and meet their mates for a game of football a parent can assess the risks. The parent knows the local area and the potential dangers on the roads. They know whether the park is deemed a safe place to play, or whether it is associated with characters – such as drug dealers – who they wouldn’t want their children to meet. Plus, most parents have experience of being children who went to the local park, or one like it, so they know what their children will be doing.

However, when it comes to the Internet most adult parents have no experience of what it was like to use the web as a child – it was invented far too late in their lifetime for that to happen. Plus most adults inhabit areas of the Internet their children do not. As a result, parents cannot assess the risks their children face online due to lack of experience of the environment. Is it any wonder that children online face more risks than they might face in the real world?

But it is not just the issue of child safety that should be an adult concern. Most adults have much less experience of the online world than they have of the real world. And this means it is not just their children who face safety risks online – adults too face dangers they need to consider.

So, here are five tips for increasing your online safety in business.

1. Assume the worst

If you use the Internet every day you can be lulled into a false sense of security. You don’t see problems or issues and you flit from website to website without any clear problems. Yet dangers lurk. For instance, do you know that every single member of your team is using the Internet wisely and safely? It only takes one error by one member of staff to open up the business to trouble. Similarly, are you sure that your websites are fully protected from snooping? Assume that other people are going to cause you safety difficulties and you will be able to prepare better. True, most of the Internet is safe and good. But assuming you will not be hit by the weaknesses opens you up to potential problems.

2. Write down a safety plan

Having a written plan on how you business will stay safe puts people in the right frame of mind. It reminds them of the need to be vigilant and sets the tone of expectations. It shows that you expect your team to always have an eye on safety. Posters promoting your safety plan around the office could act as constant reminders. Similarly, you could also have a written guide about what you will do in the event of a safety issue arising.

3. Show your staff you are protecting them

People behave in safer ways when they feel cared for. In situations where people sense a safety issue they can panic or do the wrong thing unless they sense that the authorities are “in charge” and looking after them. By showing your staff that you take Internet safety seriously as a means of protecting them and looking after their own identities and reputation you will encourage them to behave in safer ways generally. In fires, for instance, people panic and put themselves in greater danger when they are alone. When the emergency services are present their behaviour tends to change to safer ways. Showing your staff you are on their side and that the policies you have in place are for their own protection will encourage them to behave in safer ways, thereby protecting the business too.

4. Have regular safety reviews

Perhaps once a month or once a quarter you should have regular reviews of your company’s safety position. Have new services or subscriptions been added recently that pose potential risks? Do new staff need a safety training session? Is the security information about all your online accounts up-to-date? Without a regular, periodic reviews that assesses the current online safety situation for your company you could easily expose yourself to risks without being aware of them.

5. Have physical security in place

Much online credit card fraud happens not because hackers invade an e-commerce system, but rather because unscrupulous members of staff print out credit card details and take them out of the building, unchallenged. On a lesser scale, some people write down their passwords in their diary allowing anyone who sees their diary or notepad to log into their business accounts. Many online safety issues happen as a result of lax offline security. If people feel the need to write down passwords because they cannot remember them, that suggests you need to have an encrypted password storage system so that you can remove the offline threat of written passwords being stolen. Similarly, if you have staff access to sensitive data perhaps you need in place airport-style physical security measures to prevent things slipping out, even accidentally. Internet security and safety is not just an online issue – it involves our offline activities too.

So, there you have five tips which should help you make sure that the use of the Internet in your business is safer and more secure.

Health & Safety Training – Using a Ladder in the Workplace

Health and Safety Training is necessary for all workplaces and offices. Safety tips and workplace regulations can be introduced so that employees are made aware of their well being at all times. By understanding the risks involved in a particular workplace you can take better care of yourself as well as others around you. Certain workplaces pose more risks than others. Below are some of the safety training tips you can incorporate in your workplace if it requires employees to utilize a ladder. Many employees are not aware of the severe risks involved with using a ladder. Health and safety training is introduced in most workplaces to ensure employees are actively using efficient and safe methods to carry out their day to day tasks.

Using a ladder poses certain risk if not used in a proper manner. These Safety Training tips for utilizing a ladder can be used in the workplace and also at home. Before using a ladder it is important to read the warning label so you know how to use the ladder without hurting yourself. Before getting on the ladder safety training experts suggest that you first inspect it and make sure there are no damages. If the ladder needs any repairs it is best to avoid using it for any task at hand.

Before propping a ladder up most safety training guidelines recommend that you keep an eye out for overhanging power lines or anything that can pass an electric current through the ladder. Avoid using a ladder when it is wet. Using a ladder outside in the rain can cause the steps to become slippery and could cause an accident. Health and Safety guidelines will encourage employees to make sure the hinges are locked in place and the ladder is stable before beginning to climb it. If the ground below the ladder is not flat it could tip over while you are climbing it causing a nasty fall.

Many Safety experts also urge employees to partner up and have one person hold the ladder below while the other climbs up. While climbing the ladder you should have two hands and one foot on the rungs at all times. Do not try and move the ladder while someone is climbing it. Doing so could cause serious injury to the person on the ladder. If a ladder is not tall enough to fulfill the task at hand do not prop it on boxes or place it on anything other than the ground itself. It is best to get a ladder with the right height than trying to prop things under a smaller ladder. It is proven that a person who falls from a ladder that is 11 feet or higher has a 50% chance of dying. With such grave statistics it is important to follow Health and Safety training guidelines and be aware of the risks involved in any workplace. Health and Safety training can help you become more aware and follow methods that will keep you and others from harm.

Safety Gates – To Protect Your Little One

All mother’s and father’s care about their youngster’s safety. Child safety gates are actually one of many top ten child products purchases and approximately 35 million items are sold yearly to keep up with little one safety concerns. With the medley of various room, stairway and hallway sizes and styles that want safety proofing in today’s houses we are so fortunate to have such a large assortment of shapes and sizes in baby gates and safety gates accessible to us for maximizing child safety. It’s pure that babies are curious about the whole lot around them that is how they learn about their world. By no means underestimate your infant’s talents although, think child gates and security gates at all times for maximum child safety. At all times assume that their natural curiosity will make them locations you never thought imaginable. Below you’ll find suggestions for one of the best child gates and security gates for maximum your youngster safety.

Good high quality child gates and safety gates are designed so that a grownup can open them with one hand, and they usually fall into two classes: hardware mounted or strain mounted.

Hardware mounted gates are completely fixed to your walls or furnishings. They are an incredible deal safer for areas that require the utmost in little one safety. Two of a very powerful areas in your house that require hardware mounted baby gates and safety gates are at the top of a stairway and round a fireplace. For maximum youngster security, please do not forget that security gates ought to by no means swing out over the stairs. We advocate the ‘Safe Solutions Swing Gate’ by Evenflo or ‘The easy & safe stair gate’ by The First Years. Areas that work finest for hardware mounted safety gates are – at the high of stairs, as a barrier between rooms, spherical fireplaces or out of doors barbecues, Vital Note: Keep in mind to safety proof stairway spindles which can be large enough for a child to squeeze by way of, the maximum safe house between any stairway railings is 4″.

Stress mounted gates are really purely barriers for between rooms or at the backside of stairways. It is very important bear in mind to NEVER use strain mounted safety gates on the prime of a stairway as they do not stand up to any strain of drive on them – not even from the weight of a baby. Word: In the event you do not need to jump or climb over the security gate once you need access to the opposite room you must think about buying a pressure mounted safety gate that has a swing open door. Advisable pressure mounted gates are the swing door ‘Arms Free Gate’ by The First Years, the adjustable ‘Comfortable and Large Gate’ by Evenflo, by the best way this is a great gate for travelers to carry with them. Areas that work greatest for stress mounted security gates are – at the bottom of stairs, as a barrier between rooms, for patio doors to prevent entry to your sundeck or outside areas while you’re not capable of supervise, to guard your baby from a pet or a pet area.